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New generation serial data standards with increasing speeds are continuously being introduced, causing significant signal integrity, jitter and performance test issues during the design and production of your devices. Robust performance testing is needed to ensure higher design margins and interoperability, and as a result, higher production yields.

Wavecrest instruments have offered high-speed test capabilities to design engineers for over 10 years. This experience enables us to provide you with all the compliance and diagnostic tools for most serial data applications.

The SIA-4000C model provides a complete measurement toolset for characterizing the performance of clock, PLL or oscillator devices. Measure amplitude, jitter components, frequency, period, jitter spectrum, PLL bode plot, transfer function, damping factor, spread spectrum and more. A single button clock analysis tool provides quick and easy results to determine the overall performance of the clock signal.

It is the most comprehensive compliance and diagnostic signal integrity test solution on the market today. The SIA-4000C comes complete with the software for characterizing Clocks and PLL outputs.

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  • 35 GHz Timing Bandwidth

  • Test clock and PLL signals up to 15 GHz

  • 2nd and 3rd Order PLL Characterization with PLL 3dB Frequency, Peaking and Transfer Function - without the need for a signal source
  • Noise floor <200 femtoseconds

  • Color gradient, 15GHz sampling oscilloscope with Random Noise, Total Noise and Deterministic Noise measurements

  • Integrated Pattern Detect

  • Pattern marker included on each channel

  • Individual scope trigger on each channel

  • Expanded Eye Mask capabilities

  • Power Spectral Density measurements from a Jitter Spectrum

  • Random and Deterministic Jitter Separation




2, 4 or 5 channels

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