Wavecrest SIA

The transition to multi-Gigabit serial data links introduces significant signal integrity design and system challenges for clock/PLL designers. At these high data rates, signal integrity becomes the most critical test for determining overall performance and interoperability. Wavecrest instruments have offered high-speed test capabilities to design engineers for over 10 years. This experience enables us to provide you with all the diagnostic tools for applications.

By increasing our reliance on PLL devices, we must learn better ways to debug, characterize and test our synchronous systems. The Wavecrest SIA-3400C is uniquely qualified to debug, characterize and test PLL devices. The SIA-3400C combines high precision measurement and advanced analysis algorithms with high throughput to provide the most comprehensive PLL analysis solution on the market today.

The SIA-3400C can measure every critical characteristic of a PLL device including random and deterministic jitter, periodic jitter, adjacent cycle jitter, duty cycle, slew rate, voltage characteristics and PLL loop response.





The SIA-3400C provides both timing and amplitude compliance measurements in any environment, system or IC, electrical or optical**. Clock signals up to 3.5GHz can be analyzed. Compliance tests can be completed in seconds with a simple pass/fail indication for each test parameter.

It is the most comprehensive compliance and diagnostic signal integrity test solution on the market today. The SIA-3400C comes complete with the software necessary for characterizing Clocks and PLL outputs.


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2, 4 or 5 channels


**Optical measurements require the OE-2

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