Wavecrest SIA

Twin-engine design measures timing, amplitude separately
Accurate and repeatable signal integrity measurements above 1Gb/s require precise waveform reproduction. SIA instruments from Wavecrest incorporate a high-resolution, direct measurement design that measures both timing and amplitude separately. This method is in contrast to digitizing real time oscilloscopes that use error-causing interpolation techniques. Because each oscilloscope manufacturer uses its own interpolation technique, it is extremely difficult for engineers to correlate measurement

Wavecrest Instruments Analyze Data

Digitizing Oscilloscopes Interpolate Data

Limited bandwidth coupled with interpolation techniques cause digitizing oscilloscopes to add error to the measurements. These measurement errors, together with rise/fall time, amplitude, timing and jitter, can keep you from meeting compliance standards and correlating with customer specifications. Wavecrest integrated an equivalent time sampling oscilloscope because it is the preferred instruments of engineers due to its accuracy, high-resolution and high-bandwidth capabilities. With Wavecrest SIA instruments, you measure the performance of your device, not the error of the instrument.

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